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    Owned N7001M for almost 20 years, sold to a proud new owner.

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  1. Sold N7001M to a proud new owner.

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  3. Judy K. Haley

    Airventure 2013

    I am planning to join up with some other pilots from the Oklahoma City area and fly in a Cessna 182. There will be several other airplanes flying with us, and I plan on camping under the wing in the north 40. We plan on flying down on July 28th and returning on Aug 4th.
  4. Judy K. Haley

    Airventure 2013

    How soon would we need to land at OSH to be assured a parking spot in the Vintage area? If I get to go I am thinking about flying on the 27th so I don't end up having to park at another airport if there isn't room.
  5. Judy K. Haley

    Airventure 2013

    I bought my tickets for AirVenture today, now I will look for someone to fly with me, and plan to camp under the wing. I just hope the weather will be good.
  6. I moved from Dalhart to Canyon Texas, and my 1958 Cessna 175 is now stationed at Amarillo Texas, Tradewinds Airport.

  7. I got my commercial helicopter rating today!

  8. I just joined today. I look forward to meeting other 175 owners, and maybe get to fly to Oshkosh.