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  1. Dan Miller

    Airventure 2013

    I got the camper inspected for axle alignment, tires, and wiring. I need to fix a place where a blown tire beat up the side. Other than that, I'm ready to pack up and head out. My son and I plan to go to Brodhead, WI for Saturday the 27th and partake in the activities there, then head for Oshkosh Sunday morning. Hope to see some Cessna 175 people on the flight line. Look for me, I'll be wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I've already bought my "Dusty" and "Leadbottom" model planes for the "Planes" movie on the 2nd. That is one of the benefits of staying in the campground. You can get a movie and free popcorn every night. For those that are squemish about flying into Airventure, I have done it many times. Just follow the written instructions to the letter and LISTEN on the radio. They will tell you every move to make, just rock your wings and follow what they say. Turn on every light you've got and turn off the transponder. I've never had a problem even when it is busy. They know what they are doing, just don't louse up their system by second guessing them or talking on the radio. When they say "Put her down on the green dot", do just that even if the green dot is half way down the runway. There will be another plane landing on the dot behind you. Fly the plane and keep it under control. The only real problem area is from Fisk to the airport. Trying to maintain airspeed with some of the slower planes can be trying. They don't allow passing and want everyone to either be in the slow lane or the high speed lane higher up. Practice your slow speed flying or try not to get behind a Piper Cub. Once on the ground, display your camping option card to the groundcrew and they will show you where to go. Above all, have fun!
  2. Dan Miller

    Airventure 2013

    I will be pulling a pop-up camper with my two sons and a daugthter-in-law. We go every year and will be staying the entire week. My oldest son and I have camped under the wing many times, and, in my opinion, is the best way to observe Oshkosh. But, having the camper is much easier on my old bones. Dan Miller n6673e '59 GO-300 Grain Valley, MO