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      Membership Roster- 2017 Version Pending   08/17/2017

      I am compiling a membership roster (for the first time in remembered history) so please watch your inbox for a membership update form coming soon.
    • Erik Hoopes

      60th Anniversary Skylarks to OSH (2018)   09/13/2017

      I am requesting that members interested in going to OSHKOSH next year and participating in group parking or camping for the Skylark Association please post to our survey thread:   If we get at least 15 people that say they want to go I will approach the EAA and request reserved parking for our Club. So start thinking about your plans for next year!   Erik  
    • Erik Hoopes

      2018 Officer Nominations   09/26/2017

      Please Visit the Thread on 2018 Officer Nominations:  

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  2. I've been thinking I might attend. It will be my first time going. Is it acceptable to camp under a wing?