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  2. I went last year & parked/camped in the north 40. And we were WAY in the back, 3rd row from the back fence. The lines for the busses that went back there were so long, we'd often just walk. And walk and walk and walk. My vote is Vintage if we can get it. As for whether to fly in together, or just park together... I'm neutral. Flying in as a group sounds fun for sure! But also sounds like a lot more planning & hassle. And ties us all down to the exact same schedule for flying in. But... may make easier to all get to park together? I'm not sure how they handle it if we want to park together, but get there at different times?? But if the group wants to fly in together, I'm definitely "in" on that... sounds fun.
  3. I'd be up for that! sounds fun. I went this year with my brother in his Bonanza, good times.