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  1. Robert Pustell

    Oshkosh 2018- 175's 60th Aniversary gathering

    Please make me a "tentative" also, Erik. I cannot commit yet but really, really would like to do it. Thanks, Bob Pustell and N9462B, "Betsy"
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  3. Robert Pustell

    Oshkosh 2018- 175's 60th Aniversary gathering

    I certainly cannot commit to that right now, Erik. I'm not even sure the time and money situation will let me go to OSH at all next summer. We'll see. I understood the program and knew enough to outline it for the group, but I was not the person that set it up with the FAA and the EAA. I did end up being the guy in charge of the formation (both running the briefings and practices the day before and also serving as lead pilot for the actual arrival). The person who was gonna do it had to cancel at the last minute and they drafted me as a former military guy with large formation experience. It was fun. So, I'll help if I can but as a worker ant, not as the person setting the whole thing up. Since we're talking about formations and since I've figured out how to put pictures on here, I'll add a picture of my most fun formation work. In 1976 I flew a C-141A as the support plane for the Thunderbirds. It was an experiment to see if the larger plane (they usually used a C-130 support bird) was worth the expense. I flew with them for two weeks and it was a blast! It did not take long for the T-bird guys to realize that the 141, unlike the 130, could go fast enough that they could fly formation with us in the formation. At one point they put the team photographer in the spare plane and had him take pictures. In the end it was decided that the larger and faster plane was nice but not worth the extra expense. I surely had a fun two weeks, however! My Co-pilot almost had an orgasm when we were the lead plane and he could say he was Thunderbird One on the radio. Normally we were Thunderbird One Four, which was cool enough.
  4. Robert Pustell

    Oshkosh 2018- 175's 60th Aniversary gathering

    I am not quite able to firmly commit at this time but am definitely interested. Add me to the list as a firm definite maybe. ;-) I also have a Stinson and have been in two EAA approved Stinson Mass Arrivals. The type club coordinated with EAA and the FAA and we had an actual group arrival, a half mile in trail formation of twenty airplanes - our string of planes was therefore about ten or fifteen miles long and they assigned us an arrival window and in that window we owned one runway and just did a long straight in approach rather than the normal Ripon arrival. The number one plane was almost parked by the time number last landed. And to top it off, we had reserved parking. It was grand! In 2015 we did our most recent Mass Arrival and it was to honor the 70th anniversary of the Stinson 108 series of airplanes. I will attempt to attach a picture of our reserved parking sign for that event and also a picture of some of the parked planes. It was really fun having a bunch of airplane crazies all camping together with their planes! Mine is the red one with a white stripe three planes up from where the photo was taken. We had three rows. To do a group arrival you need to get together at an outlying airport and practice the group arrival proceedures. The FAA (and indirectly, the EAA through coordination) actually issue the group an official waiver to the normal OSH procedures. The waiver includes specific requirements to brief the group and do practice formation takeoffs, enroute travel and landings. The waiver allows you to have multiple aircraft taking off and/or landing on the same runway at the same time and spells out what needs to be done for practice and for the actual day of arrival. We gathered at Watertown, WI (KRYV) the day before the arrival date and briefed as a group and then did practice formations in groups of about 5 planes each. We used pilots who had military formation experience and/or previous group arrival experience to do the briefings and fly as lead pilot in the practice formations. The FBO and airport management at RYV were very helpful and cooperative and there are two hotels across the street from the airport that folks could stay in. They also allowed camping with the plane for anyone who wanted to do that. I elected to stay in the hotel and enjoy one last private shower before camping at OSH. Some members of the Stinson group so enjoyed the arrivals that they meet every year at Watertown and do an informal arrival - they practice the day before, spend the night and take off as a group and do a trail formation to Ripon and do the usual arrival. The lead plane advises the controllers that he is leading a group of eight or ten or whatever and they've been very good about routing the entire group to land on one runway one after the other rather than breaking up the group. Because they landed as a group and therefore taxied in as a group they ended up parking with each other even though they did not have reserved parking. I have not done that yet but the guys who have say it works pretty well and they like it. The only problem they've had is other pilots bulling their way into the line as they approach Ripon - some pilots are just nasty about forcing their way into a spot that is not really big enough for them to safely slip into. The Stinson group had no choice but to widen out the formation in that area and tolerate the intruder. And, they had to do it in radio silence by looking out the window and just doing what had to be done since the procedures call for radio silence. They did, by the way, check ahead of time and were told it was ok for the lead plane to speak and advise the controllers of the planes in the group when they got to the first location where the controllers talk to the airplanes. The rest of the group did the usual wing rocking thing to acknowledge the controllers but the first plane did speak to let them know the situation. I am interested in participating in either type of group arrival - a planned group with a waiver and procedures or an informal group that flies the Ripon arrival one after the other. Reserved parking would be really nice to have for either type of arrival.