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Skyhawk/Skylark Parts interchangeability

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I have seen alot of parts, especially for wings, that people are selling as for 170, 172, and 175. Wheel fairings, wing tips, jigs, etc. I know the 175 has a slightly larger wingspan than the 172, does anyone know of these parts are truly inerchangeable? If you know of any other major parts that are intechangeable that would be nice to know as well.

Rick Anderson Posted: Jan 3 2005, 03:29 AM


Numerous parts are interchangable between the 172's and the 175. The basic wing is used on the 175, early 172's, F172, P172D, and the 170B. The best way to figure out if a part will fit a specific model or serial number is to look at the effectivity of the part in the Illustrated Parts Catalog.

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