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Tailwheel Conversion

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Tail wheel conversion

« Thread started on: Dec 21st, 2004, 1:06pm »


I am interested in converting from a nose gear to a tail wheel. Does anyone have any experience doing this? I am also thinking of adding the Horton STOL kit if anyone has done that as well.

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Re: Tail wheel conversion

« Reply #1 on: Dec 21st, 2004, 5:38pm »


I installed the Ralph Bolen conventional landing gear on my 1958 C175 STC383GL in the winter of 1994 so I could use skis. Also installedFederal skis STC SA508GL using Federal 2500. The STC at that time was held by Bob Williams in Udall Kansas. I believe it still is but from what I read on the net he's virtually impossible to contact. It is a very robust installation as my many landings on hard snowdrifts on the lakes has proven The spring gear is as heavy as a C185 and my engineer was impressed with the strength of the installation. The arm of the leg that goes into the gear box is the same length as your existing gear which leads me to believe that the first kits tried to use the original C175 gear.If so, the ground clearance must have been minimal.The promotional literature that came with the kit appears to demonstrate this.The STC was origIf youinally for the 172 so the blueprints that came with my kit were merely whited out and C175 put in where the 172 had been.If you go the the gallery on this website you will see that I have since installed AeroSkis R2800 wheelskis which are mechanically operated....you can select wheels in flight but not skis. STC there was SA523CH. In any case , I am happy with the installation because a tricycle gear aircraft is not satisfactory for ski operations. If you need more info,just ask. Don't know current prices. Ron Bell CF-VYJ in the frozen North.

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