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  2. $2.55 for avgas? Wow! I did just purchase 125 gallons of 91 octane ethanol free auto fuel in my trailered fuel tank this week for $2.65 here in Oklahoma (have EAA STC) but avgas is around $4.50 at airport. I try to use auto fuel 75% of time not just to keep costs down but to keep lead down. I have been doing this for over 20 years in several different airplanes with good results. Les
  3. Avgas was $2.65/Gal at KCHK when I first started flying in 2005. Unusually low pricing going on!
  4. It's still 4.70 at my home airport but they are usually slow to update fuel prices...
  5. It’s 2.55 here just south of Houston at KLBX. I never thought I’d be so happy spending money.
  6. A fun (low) price war is occurring in the Pacific Northwest these days among FBOs. Our local guys are having a fuel sale this weekend... $2.85/gallon! $58 for a little over 20 gallons. Wish we could’ve taken on more of that sweet, sweet nectar. It’s usually $5.00/gallon here. What prices are the rest of you seeing around the county?
  7. Jack, Jim in SanAntonio... I had a conversation with Ryan Cain about the gearbox bearings/bushings you came up with.

    May I inquire availability ? Would you please contact me either through this site or by phone. 210-630-0565

  8. Ryan, is Jack a member here listed under a different name or login ?

    Cant find him ?

    1. Ryan Cain

      Ryan Cain

      Not sure........I sent him a message on Facebook.  I will get back with you



    1. Norman Vanasse

      Norman Vanasse

      What a privilege to fly floatplane.

    2. Jason Hughes

      Jason Hughes

      Great video and awesome drone footage too.

  10. Let me know if you need one and which one you need 

    1. JGOAviation


      What are you referring to?

  11. Norman,

    Just curious to know why you are planning on using the Stoots IO-370 and not the IO-390 for your project? Is it weight related or the cost? What does the complete IO-370 FWF conversion cost from Stoots? Are you going to use the Trailblazer propeller or a MT for your 175?



    1. Norman Vanasse

      Norman Vanasse

      The modification with the IO-390 cost much more than IO-370 and also weight less. Trailblazer  83'' is the prop i wish


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