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  2. love the look of the 175 on the bigger tires - how has it treated you now that youve had some time on the setup? Im in SoCal as well on the other side of the Angeles MTN range from you, one of these days I may have to fly in to check this thing out in person!

  3. Jack, Jim in SanAntonio... I had a conversation with Ryan Cain about the gearbox bearings/bushings you came up with.

    May I inquire availability ? Would you please contact me either through this site or by phone. 210-630-0565

  4. Ryan, is Jack a member here listed under a different name or login ?

    Cant find him ?

    1. Ryan Cain

      Ryan Cain

      Not sure........I sent him a message on Facebook.  I will get back with you



    1. Norman Vanasse

      Norman Vanasse

      What a privilege to fly floatplane.

    2. Jason Hughes

      Jason Hughes

      Great video and awesome drone footage too.

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