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  3. How is the STC for the IO390 working out for you? 

    I might be interested in this STC in the future for my 175

  4. Back in ‘16 , you responded about changing seats. I have a set from a 182. How did you get the forward track on the seat? I was looking  the narrowness of the front of the track makes it look like you have to remove the rear seat and slide articulating seat from the aft track.

    Confirm you swapped the newer seats. Pilot to Co.

    1. Larry Juhl

      Larry Juhl

      Hello....I haven’t visited the site lately. Yes we installed newer 182 seats in the aircraft...from a 67’ model I believe.  I’ll have to check that with co owner Dave.

    2. Ralph Homan

      Ralph Homan

      The main problem I have is the factory inboard seat belt attachment prevents the 182 seat from going forward.

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