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  1. Avgas was $2.65/Gal at KCHK when I first started flying in 2005. Unusually low pricing going on!
  2. Brandon, what kind of services do they have at the event? Food/port-potties/parking for cars etc?
  3. If you folks want to post your mobile telephone numbers in this thread so you can reach one another at the show, I will remove them from the thread after airventure is over so you don't have to worry about your personal info being public. Unfortunatly I cannot make the show this year, I'm heading to Arizona soon for an extended stay there and getting ready for the trip now.
  4. I talked with the VAA parking director last month and he said the new president for the VAA had already given away all of the assigned parking in the Vintage area for the 2018 Airventure. He did say there was a club that was on the fence about going, and might cancel, so I plan to check back with them in February.
  5. I'm changing my plans up, I plan to drive up and bring the camper. John Fry is most gracious offering to let me fly up with him, but I want to bring my family so we are going to do it this way. I got the contact information for the Parking coordinator for Vintage and I plant to contact him today. @Mayday do you think you might have room at your hanger for a Club meeting? No problem we can meet in the parking rows if needed.
  6. It was an unexpected pleasure this week to have Ron and his wife Sandy Stop by and visit us out in the middle of no-where. We were camping near a small Lake in Oklahoma and they drove over an hour out of their way to see us. Ron was an officer in the Club a few years ago and is a longtime member of the club and owns N7688M which has been in the family since the 60's I believe.
  7. Nate, I will include you in all direct communications about OSH plans, but I won't reserve a parking spot for you until you remove the tentative from your reservation. :-)
  8. John Fry/Erik Hoopes Glen Bradley Les Cashmere Brad Rose Marcos Santana Clayton Harper Rodney Fernow Ryan Nelson Jamie Qunell Jim Swanson Dean Gilderoy
  9. Ron, I'll smell some AVGAS in the morning for you @Ron Colwell
  10. The 2008' 50th anniversary group was parked in Vintage and it was great- Close enough but not too close. I don't have any idea where they would put us this time but I can certainly ask for Vintage if they don't offer it.
  11. John Fry/Erik Hoopes Glen Bradley Les Cashmere Brad Rose Marcos Santana Clayton Harper Rodney Fernow Ryan Nelson Jamie Qunell Jim Swanson Thats 10. I'll start working on the event details and a plan to submit to EAA. What do you think, should we try for the group fly-in or just group parking? @john fry @Glen Bradley @Les Cashmere @9er2Tango @Marcos Santana @Clayton Harper @Rod Fernow @Ryan Nelson @Corndogg @Jim Swanson
  12. Super! John Fry/Erik Hoopes Glen Bradley Les Cashmere Brad Rose Marcos Santana Clayton Harper Rodney Fernow Ryan Nelson Jamie Qunell
  13. John Fry/Erik Hoopes Glen Bradley Les Cashmere Brad Rose Marcos Santana Clayton Harper Rodney Fernow We only need to reach 10 for me to start making plans, I will send out at club email and encourage anyone who is going to OSH next year to sign up.
  14. Thats pretty cheap compared to what.. $20K for STEC?
  15. That is great information Robert, thanks for sharing. The pictures look fun!!! Perhaps as time draws closer you can become one of our organizers if you decide to join us.
  16. OK, so we have interest from: Erik Hoopes John Fry Glen Bradley Les Cashmere Brad Rose Keep the comments up anyone who is interested. I will need 15 people to verbally commit by the end of the year before I will go to the EAA and request a reserved parking area for "The Skylark Association - 60th Anniversary Flight to OSH." Usually we have about a 50% success rate so if 15 people say they are coming I expect 7-8 to actually arrive on time/at all. Having 5 of us from the forum probably warrants a bulk email invitation to the whole club, and then if we get a few more that way I'll consider a mailer to registered owners.
  17. Cool. How much is the system supposed to cost? I would have liked to have seen you there.. we didn't arrive until about 12:30 or 1:00. I made the boys finish their chores before we went
  18. I made it out there for a little while on Saturday with my family. Took pictures with Mark Baker, will post up a pic here along with a pic of me and my oldest son with Phil Boyer from around 2005. They had some cool stuff there including a Kodiak on Amphibs and a Shock cub, which has the tallest ground clearance I've ever seen on a cub. The concept of having dampening on your suspension is revolutionary for short landings, as the traction for braking is probably 25% more on average, with rough stuff yielding as much as 60-70% more traction based solely on my experience with dirt bikes.
  19. Today is the AOPA Regional Fly-IN at OU Westhiemer Airport in Norman, OK. If any locals go post some pics here!!
  20. @Les Cashmere I do not know if the EAA will allow the group to come in at once, but that is not neccessary. What we did in 2008 was to get group parking. But we all had too arrive within a certain period of time. Or they gave the parking away. I coordinated the arrival of all the participants with the EAA parking director. It was a challenge. I could do it again I imagine if they will allow it once more.
  21. Another member called me up this week and asked if I would be interested in accompanying him to OSH next year in his 175. That got me thinking, and I wonder how many people would be interested in doing a 60th anniversary fly-in to OSH next year? We did the 50th in 2008 and I felt like it was successful even though we only had a handful (8-9) members' planes show up. Maybe we could publicize it better this time and get a group of 20 or so planes in to the event.
  22. Wow, is he doing airframe mods like that now? Mitch was my first flight Instructor, but I haven't talked to him in a few years. I need to get back in touch. So were you the owner back then? I met two gentlemen who were partners at the time I think.
  23. @justdave I think that your airplane used to be based out of a field near me. I remember a couple of guys buying a 175 that was purple like that. Hard to forget! around 2005.
  24. That is a great ride. Twin engines and everything
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