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  1. Erik:

    I would love Jim Swanson's number.  Is he no longer in the Club?


    David Leyendecker  davidleyen@aol.com

    1. David L

      David L


      THANKS, I talked to Jim.

      David Leyendecker

    2. Erik Hoopes

      Erik Hoopes

      Cool David. By the way, this profile post can be seen by everyone, the little mail icon on top of the page will get you to the private messenger. Post up if you get your prop approved.

  2. Jim:

    Do you have a copy of the Field approval for a 80-inch prop on an 175 with an 0360 and a factory nose fork and wheel?


    David Leyendecker

  3. I heard a 145 HP Cessna 1957 Cessna 172 won the light tour class.  I would like to see the video of that takeoff and landing; 244 foot combined.



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