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  1. love the look of the 175 on the bigger tires - how has it treated you now that youve had some time on the setup? Im in SoCal as well on the other side of the Angeles MTN range from you, one of these days I may have to fly in to check this thing out in person!

  2. Good Sir,

    Question on your panel:

    Im about to have a new one cut. Wondering if you have a “.dxf” file to manipulate via auto cad so I don’t have to start from scratch. I’d love to build out some digital options for guys on here as a part of my process so everyone can just take the one that best suits them to a local CNC shop and have it cut to suit without paying an arm and a leg!

    Thanks in advance! 



    1. Mayday


      Sorry, I did mine all by hand.

    2. Bryan Miller

      Bryan Miller


      All good and thanks for getting back.

      Regardless I will be creating the panel win such a way that you all can head down and have one cut at cost in the future!

      All the best,


    3. Mayday
  3. Gents,

    Got the field approval done and the 26” bush wheels on! Let me know if you have any questions about the big tire upgrade. Happy to help!






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