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  1. A fun (low) price war is occurring in the Pacific Northwest these days among FBOs. Our local guys are having a fuel sale this weekend... $2.85/gallon! $58 for a little over 20 gallons. Wish we could’ve taken on more of that sweet, sweet nectar. It’s usually $5.00/gallon here. What prices are the rest of you seeing around the county?
  2. S33: Madras Oregon, located an hour’s flight time southeast of Portland on the drier side of the state, has a well appointed FBO. They are very GA friendly, the the airport is straightforward to operate into/out of. Best of all, there is an air museum on the field with an airworthy WWII fleet, including a P51 among many other noteworthy warbirds. It would be a great warmup museum on your way to McMinnville, OR, to see the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum! Finally, the view of the cascade mountains doesn’t suck- Pictured is Mt Jefferson, the second highest peak in Oregon.
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