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    • Great ideas John. @lukefalls, do we have anything brewing in the lower 48 this year?
    • The Oklahoma, Kansas area would seem to be close to the center of the U.S. and there are some smaller airshows here every year.  If we met at one perhaps we could draw 175 owners to meet at one of them without too many folks having to travel the entire width of the country.  Might not meet the needs of all but with one west coast and perhaps another in the east we could perhaps have some things of our own give us excuses to fly somewhere and talk about our great planes with others who at least have been in one.  Just a thought.  
    • Guest Norman
      Anyone going??? I will be there  for shopping for my project and more
    • How about 2018?  
    • All, I know its short notice, but I want to see who might be interested in an Alaska fly-in.  There are a ton of logistics that I can assist with.  The biggest concern for folks is the trip up here.  I can provide some links and resources regarding routs, fuel, lodging, etc.  Once here, I can handle the rest. I've received some great suggestions and ideas for events.  I can accommodate both wheel and float planes.  There are great options for day trips, overnights (away from Fairbanks/Anchorage), and a few special events this summer....fishing, picnics, photography, FLYING!   There are a TON of 175s already here with some great pilots.  If you cannot bring your plane, we may be able to have you fly AK Airlines or Delta.  Once here, we'll link you up wth a 175 driver to buddy up to for a few days.   If you've always wanted and Alaska flying trip, this could be the time.  I'm not afraid to push it back a year, but if people can make a 2017 summer trip, I say lets do it! What do you think?