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      OSH 2017 Check in- Who is making plans?   12/22/2016

    • Erik Hoopes

      Welcome to our new Club President!   02/28/2017

      I am happy to report that after my last email, several members have stepped up and offered to help out with our organizational duties and bring some new talent to our club. I am especially pleased to announce our new club President, whom I have personally interviewed and offered the position based on his attitude, knowledge of the 175 airplane, and wonderful level of enthusiasm! Lucas Altepeter brings a fresh outlook on ownership of the 175 to the table, he is an avid flyer of his 175 both on wheels and floats, and has personally experienced the challenges many face in upgrading and keeping their airplanes current for their needs. Lucas is based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, and as such is in the middle of the busiest general aviation operational region in the United States. I will still be here, providing support for the website and store, and helping out with whatever Lucas and the other new officers may have need of. Lucas will be contacting several of you who have offered help to the club, to discuss how to successfully integrate each of you into the club's current and future needs. It is going to be an exciting time! I want to thank all of you who have supported the organization throughout the years, and I look forward to watching the club take a new direction with Lucas and become a functional organization which always has its members' best interest at heart and provides great opportunities to make flying and owning the 175 & Skylark models more fun. Blue Skies Everyone, Erik Hoopes - Club Founder / (580)-467-0288 / mail@cessna175.org
    • Erik Hoopes

      SUN & FUN 2017 - Who is Going?   03/21/2017



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    • Guest Norman
      Anyone going??? I will be there  for shopping for my project and more
    • How about 2018?  
    • All, I know its short notice, but I want to see who might be interested in an Alaska fly-in.  There are a ton of logistics that I can assist with.  The biggest concern for folks is the trip up here.  I can provide some links and resources regarding routs, fuel, lodging, etc.  Once here, I can handle the rest. I've received some great suggestions and ideas for events.  I can accommodate both wheel and float planes.  There are great options for day trips, overnights (away from Fairbanks/Anchorage), and a few special events this summer....fishing, picnics, photography, FLYING!   There are a TON of 175s already here with some great pilots.  If you cannot bring your plane, we may be able to have you fly AK Airlines or Delta.  Once here, we'll link you up wth a 175 driver to buddy up to for a few days.   If you've always wanted and Alaska flying trip, this could be the time.  I'm not afraid to push it back a year, but if people can make a 2017 summer trip, I say lets do it! What do you think?
    • You can now use your display name "Erik Hoopes" or your email address "erik@sampleemail.com" to log in, your choice.
    • Eric Barnhill  0 Posted 23 hours ago · Report Erik, Well both wings, control surfaces, struts have been striped, primed and painted (Metallic Silver), I'm working on the fuselage to get everything repaired, holes patched, (50 years of antennas have left their marks), I've installed the baggage door, (that was a chore, measure 123 times before cutting a hole that size in my bird), ordered the new windshield and side windows, The list goes on and on, But its coming! The big thing thats holding me back is all these people who are bringing their aircraft to me for annuals, and repairs (just kidding, I love it). I tried to upload pictures but they wouldn't upload. Thanks for the interest, I'll keep you posted. If anyone is near the upstate of South Carolina, I am affiliated with the Triple Tree Aerodrome, Please check it out at TripleTreeAerodrome.com, our fly-in is September 7 thru 11th, were expecting 1200 aircraft over the 5 days, The President of EAA and AOPA will be there. It sure would be nice to see a 175 or 12 at our fly-in, I promise VIP treatment! Eric Barnhill