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How to Renew Your Membership

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The Best way to renew your membership is to click the "Renew Membership" Tab near the top of the homepage. It will allow you to select a 1 year subscription renewal to the club sues of $25 and pay using a major credit, debit, or paypal account. It will automatically log your payment and up you for a year. It should automatically generate a reminder invoice near the end of the year time to help you renew again later. You have to be logged in to the homepage to use this feature. It is not available to guests wishing to become new members. See the Join topic for new memberships. If you can't login due to password or other problems, contact us at our general mailbox: mail@cessna175.org .

Due to lack of time resources, The Skylark Association is no longer tracking 12 month periods for each individual member's dues IF YOU RENEW BY MAIL. Starting June, 2013, ALL Dues paid BY MAIL will be credited for the year in which they are received. All memberships will be up for renewal in January of each year. This may cause you to only get a partial year for your dues. If this is a problem, you may submit a pro-rated payment for dues to the end of the year, at your option.

Standard dues for one year are US $25, regardless of where you live.

To pay by mail, Send a Check or Money order in USA funds to:

Erik Hoopes
166029 N 3000 RD 
Foster, OK 73434

VERY IMPORTANT, include the following UPDATED information with your mailed in payment so we can keep your valid information on file.

1) Name, Full Mailing Address
2) A telephone number for club related business
3) Registration Number of your owned or flown aircraft
4) Engine Type
5) Prop Type
6) Major STC's (float kit, STOL, T/W, etc.)
7) Any other data you would like to share, such as how long its been in the family, where you bought, or why its such an ugly (or pretty) color!

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