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Updating Personal Information and Website Logins, Passwords, and Display Names

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The Best Way to update personal information is to send an Email to our general mailbox, mail@cessna175.org .This address is checked regularly. If you do not have email access, you may send a written request to our mailing address below:

The Skylark Association

C/O Erik Hoopes

12861 208th St.

Blanchard, OK 73010

Information that we ask you to keep up to date includes:

1) Name & Full Mailing Address

2) A telephone number for club related business

3) Registration Number of your owned or flown aircraft

4) Engine Type

5) Prop Type

6) Major STC's (float kit, STOL, T/W, etc.)

7) Any other data you would like to share, such as how long its been in the family, where you bought, or why its such an ugly (or pretty) color!

For website login problems and other website issues, again, email is the best way to receive service. We can typically correct errors or make changes within 2 days of each request. We are volunteers and have to make changes when we are not otherwise committed to jobs and family.

Privacy Policy: The Skylark Association does not share your personal information with any commercial interests or advertisers. It does share your personal information with other members for friendly networking purposes only.

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